Support & Download area Usage

We offer our customers product supportive information in our Online Library.
Brochures, Manuals, Drawings, Software downloads, drivers, etc. can be found in our library. This page offers a brief explanation about the different kinds of users in our download area and how to become an active user.

How to Download from our Library

To use our download library, either login as a registered user, or register yourself when you are a new user.

if you are a registered user


if you are a new user



Our website recognizes various users, each for a different purpose and website usage. At present we support the following users:

UserDescription of the user and corresponding download rights
unregistered userIf you have never registered yourself before on our website, you are an unregistered user. All general pages of our website can be viewed but no contents from our online download area can be downloaded. You are invited to become a registered user. Click 'Register' above or click the icon here at the left.
registered userA registered user is a visitor who has registered at our website and is herewith given free access to downloads of our on-line brochures, general presentations and other marketing materials. Click on 'Login' above or left.
customerAn online customer is a registered user who is given additional access to our technical knowledge base, manuals, certificates, white papers and presentations. Upgrade from 'registered user' to 'customer' is done via email request.
downloaderA downloader is a registered user who is given additional access to the software download area and all available online technical support. Upgrade from 'registered user' to a 'downloader' is done via email request.

To upgrade from a registered user to an online customer or a downloader, please submit a request by email to techsupport@spiritit.com. To become a downloader, we expect you to actively use our products.

If you are interested in our products and services and want to become a customer, please send us your email request to sales@spiritit.com.