System Integrators

What we offer to system integrators

The tools for excellent measurement automation

What we offer to system integrators

√ The products to build cost-effective high-quality metering control systems

√ Complete measurement automation solutions that save you time and money

√ Full line of engineering and support services to make it work

√ Independence to support all metering equipment

Our Flow-X flow computers are based on the unique flow module concept in which a single module provides all functionality for one complete meter run. We provide several single and multiple stream enclosures that allow for cost- and space-effective installations.

Our flow computer software provides all the functionality for most oil and gas applications right out of the box, so no need for costly project engineering on either flow computer or supervisory level. At the same time you can program a virtually unlimited amount of measurement data and spreadsheet calculations with our powerful and complementary Flow-Xpress software

Our eXLerate software is especially made for custody transfer measurement and has an impressive track record with more than 1000 installations world-wide since 2004. It not only provides the standard HMI / supervisory features but also all the metering control crucial functions such as embedded hot-standby redundancy, advanced measurement data reporting and full 64-bit precision data communication and processing. But that is not all; our eXLerate software provides additional measurement functions that are unique in the industry, such as embedded validation and calibration procedures, virtual flow computing, electronic log books, asset management and smart device diagnostics visualization.

You have the choice to develop your own applications from scratch or by using one of our many fully-featured and field-proven examples. You can also let us do the (initial) application engineering for you. We can assist in FAT, commissioning and startup. We can even provide you with a complete packaged solution consisting of Flow-X hardware, eXLerate software and engineered and tested application software.

And last but not least Spirit IT is well-known for its excellent technical support staff that is well aware of flow computers and software and specialized in oil and gas measurement.