Mismeasurement management

√ On-line quality control of custody measurement

√ Immediate detection of subtle measurement errors

√ Self-diagnostics on device and system level

√ Unique and most accurate correction method

√ Enables fully automatic billing corrections

Flow measurement systems used for the custody transfer of oil and gas are designed to tolerate failing equipment without comprising the overall measurement accuracy. Spare meter runs and backup (redundant) equipment are highly efficient in avoiding measurement errors in case of a failing flow meter, transducer or flow computer. By promptly switching over to the spare equipment a measurement error is practically avoided. Hardware failures can be detected instantly and acted upon accordingly.

Other measurement issues (‘mismeasurements’) are less obvious to detect and are usually revealed only at calibration, maintenance, audit or mass balance, if detected at all. Where the discrete transfer of liquid products between tanks, ships, rail cars and trucks allows for the comparison of the flow measurement system with level measurement systems, there is usually no second opinion for the measurement of continuous transfer through pipelines. Mismeasurements may not only have major financial impacts, especially when left unnoticed for a longer period of time but also require expensive require specialized personnel to analyze, quantify, document and correct the errors and to adjust prior accounting periods.

Spirit IT has developed a new methodology that automatically detects mismeasurement issues in real-time. The detection methods vary from basic consistency and discrepancy checks to sophisticated statistical algorithms. Furthermore the methodology includes a highly accurate and patented correction method based on API MPMS Chapters 21.1 and 21.2.

Presentation on Mismeasurement Management

Paper on Mismeasurement Management