Global partner network

Spirit IT co-operates with structural business partners worldwide for distribution of our flow computer and software products. We are active in more than 60 countries. Our distributing network exists of business partners with various backgrounds:

  • System integrators that incorporate our Flow-X and / or eXLerate technology as part of a complete metering system.
  • Instrumentation manufacturers that offer our Flow-X and / or eXLerate technology as a complete solution together with their measurement instrument.
  • Engineering and service providers who can implement our solutions seamlessly in new or existing systems

Our partners are trained and skilled service providers for our products. Additionally they are always backed by our own technical support team and knowledge base.

Our system integrating partners can be either local companies, with a strong presence in a certain territory, or worldwide oriented organizations with facilities in multiple countries. We can also distinguish partners for our Flow-X flow computers, for eXLerate software solutions, or partners that focus on our complete product program. Depending on your needs, we can always find the right partner for you.


Cooperation with End Users

For the development of complex customized flow measurement software solutions, we also have long term technology partnerships with end users such as Petronas and Chevron.Spirit IT is Technology Partner to PETRONAS for the development, implementation, maintenance and commercialization of SmartCen™, a supervisory software platform for Custody Transfer and Allocation Metering.

Spirit IT has a partnership with Chevron USA for the development and implementation of eXLent, an advanced and centralized software solution for flow computer and measurement data management.

Contact us if you would like to know more regarding these solutions.