What we offer to End-users

A complete measurement data solution

What we offer to End-users

√ World-class flow computers ready for the digital era

√ Technology partnership to help you automating your measurement processes

√ Secure, accurate and transparent measurement data from well to web

√ Unique mismeasurement management concept

Spirit IT is unique in the fact that we are an independent manufacturer of both hardware and software products specifically designed for custody transfer measurement

Our flow computers provide all you need for safe and sound custody transfer of oil and gas and make sure that you obtain a future-proof flexible flow computing platform ready for the information age that will change the industry.  

The Flow-X flow computer is able to emulate the data communication of other flow computer products, which significantly limits the upgrade cost because your automation systems don’t need any modification.

Our software goes beyond traditional HMI / Supervisory functionality and turns your metering control system into a smart measurement data management system. By taking a holistic approach to metering you will have a real-time overview of the complete measurement process. Automation of human activities related to custody transfer measurement saves human labor cost and assures the quality of your metering systems and measurement data.

Furthermore, the combination of our hardware and software provides you with transparent, accurate and secure measurement data from well to web. We provide true innovation to obtain self-diagnosing and fault-tolerant measurement systems. And we have invented an automatic mismeasurement detection and correction methodology that sets a new standard in custody transfer measurement.

We have 3 regional offices with experienced staff available at your service, because we understand that excellent support is crucial for the success of our products.

We truly believe that at the end of the day you just want to feel fully confident about your cash registers.