The Power Package

Integrated automation solutions built with Flow-X flow computers and eXLerate software

  • Achieve more in less time
  • Higher quality, lower risk
  • Accurate and secure billing data

The Power Package

Power packages are pre-packaged solutions based on Flow-X flow computers and eXlerate software.

Spirit IT provides packaged solutions based on the Flow-X flow computers and eXLerate software, called Power Packages. These are standardized solutions with the flexibility to work in many different environments and saving many engineering hours that would otherwise be needed for custom programming and extensive software testing.

Packaged solutions create predictable, clearly-defined outcomes and offer a straightforward approach to achieve faster results with less risk and greater consistency.

We provide Power Packages for Metering Control, Calibration Management and Crude Gathering (LACT).


  • Off-the-shelf solutions
  • Pre-engineered and pre-tested
  • Central measurement database
  • Readily available functions
  • Unlimited customization
  • Best of both worlds


  • Can I use another flow computer?

    eXLerate is general measurement automation software, which can be used with any flow computer.
    However, the combination of the Flow-X flow computer and eXLerate software will provide you unique features that will not be available with any other flow computer.

  • What makes the Power Package so special?

    Both the Flow-X and eXlerate are developed by one and the same software team. Therefore, our products tightly integrate with each other with respect to communication, alarming, reporting, trending and data storage.
    Our Power Package enables the highest degree of integration, functionality, quality and support.

  • Can I buy the Power Package from my system integrator?

    Yes, as a product supplier, Spirit IT works closely together with system integrating partners all over the world. We will help them to customize the Power Package to your needs, and to get it up and running as long as required.

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