Smart Metering Supervisory

Reliable and sophisticated control of oil and gas custody transfer

  • Revolutionizing Metering Control Systems
  • Joint development of PETRONAS and ABB Spirit IT


Sophisticated Metering Supervisory solution

SmartCen™ is the uniform and company-wide metering supervisory solution resulting from the joint development of PETRONAS and ABB Spirit IT. The wealth pool of field experiences and challenges throughout the operating regions in conjunction with expertise on software development has shown to be an ideal combination in developing SmartCen™. The highly sophisticated metering supervisory software package serves as a one-stop-shop software package by integrating all kinds of modular functionality. Amongst others, this functionality includes integrated validation software, virtual flow computing, online flow meter diagnostics, metering logbooks, asset management, web interfaces, and our patented mismeasurement management technology. The core of each SmartCen™ installation is our proven HMI software package eXLerate which is tailored to the oil and gas industry.

Using standardized look and feel, modules, and sequencing logic enables PETRONAS to efficiently manage all flow metering systems throughout their metering facilities. The modular approach allows for easy expansion at a later stage.

SmartCen™ has already been rolled out to various onshore and offshore locations in all three operational regions of PETRONAS in Malaysia – PMO (Pensinsular Malaysia), SBO (Sabah), and SKO (Sarawak). The installations cover liquid/condensate metering systems, gas metering systems, and a combination of liquid/condensate and gas metering systems. Apart from differences in product type, different meter types (e.g. orifice, turbine, and USM) and measurement types (continuous vs batched/loading) are covered. SmartCen™ is able to communicate with different types of flow computers using various protocols (e.g. Modbus, OPC), including our Flow-X flow computer series using the plug-and-play Flow-X client communication driver.

Management now can have access to the metering data through a web based interface, while engineers can monitor and control the system through a parallel remote access session. Furthermore, data can be made available to higher level systems (e.g. DCS, historian) through industry standard communication protocols (Modbus server, Modbus slave, OPC).

 We strive to keep on innovating by extending and improving the functionality of SmartCen™ over time. SmartCen™ is your company-wide standardized metering package containing all the necessary functionality within one single application.

Smartcen™ includes our patented Mismeasurement Management methodology.


  • Company-wide metering control solution
  • Total measurement management
  • Self-diagnostics on system level
  • Online flow meter diagnostics
  • Embedded Virtual Flow Computers
  • Integral mismeasurement management
  • Automated instrument validations
  • Electronic metering and seal log books

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