The flow computer for the IoT

Hardware independent Flow Computing solution

  • Minimal hardware footprint
  • For any number of streams
  • Real-time flash calculations

Flow-X/V Virtual Flow Computer

Accurate and secure flow computations on a server platform

Spirit IT is a pioneer in the concept of Virtual Flow Computing (VFC). A VFC can be considered as a flow computer that runs on a server computer and that supports an unlimited number of streams.  

Instead of providing physical connectivity to field signals as provided by conventional flow computers, measurement values are acquired by data communication,e.g. with a PLC, DCS, data historian or IO interfacing hardware. 

A VFC solution is an attractive and cost-effective alternative to conventional flow computers especially when there is no need to wire up the metering signals to the flow computer.


  • Cost-effective alternative
  • Runs on any server platform
  • Equal calculation accuracy
  • Based on field-proven eXlerate software


  • Why is it called 'Virtual'?

    The term 'Virtual' refers to the fact that no flow computer hardware is used. Actually, only the software component of a flow computer is reused on a standard computer platform. This way, it looks like the solution does not involve a real flow computer.

  • Can I use it for every application?

    In theory: yes. Virtual flow computers have successfully been used for any type of custody transfer system; being liquid, gas, big or small.
    In practice, VFC's have especially proven their purpose as an online verification and backup for conventional flow computers.

  • Is VFC approved for fiscal metering?

    The strength of a VFC is its hardware independence.
    The MID (European Metrology law)-type certification applies for the total product: hardware and software.
    In countries with a more liberal approach to certification, Virtual Flow Computing systems have been approved and successfully used for custody transfer (especially in the United Kingdom and Norway).

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