Metering Control

Total solution for the control and management of flow metering stations

  • Over 1000 installations
  • Smart metering functions
  • Truly integrated solution

Flow Metering Systems

Safe and sound operation and control of custody transfer systems

Solutions built with generic HMI / SCADA packages lack the essential functions to efficiently control metering systems (read more). 

eXLerate is used in many metering supervisory and control systems and fully comply with the world's most demanding specifications for custody transfer metering of liquids and gases.

It not only provides the standard HMI / supervisory features but also all the metering control crucial functions such as embedded hot-standby redundancy, advanced measurement data reporting and full 64-bit precision data communication and processing. But that is not all; our eXLerate software provides additional measurement functions that are unique in the industry. 

The combination of our Flow-X hardware and eXLerate software enables a unique integral measurement management from well to web and automatic mismeasurement detection and correction that sets a new standard in custody measurement.


  • Meets the most stringent requirements
  • Fully embedded hot-standby redundancy
  • Embedded validation and calibration procedures
  • Virtual flow computers for on-line validation
  • Electronic metering log books
  • Smart device diagnostics


  • What flow computers are supported?

    eXLerate is used with all the major flow computer brands used for oil and gas measurement. However the highest level of sophistication will be achieved by the combination of Flow-X flow computers and eXlerate software.

  • Why shouldn't I use a standard SCADA / HMI package?

    eXlerate has been especially developed for the control of the custody transfer of oil and gas. Solutions built with standard software packages lack the functionality that is required to adequately control metering equipment and manage the measurement data that is produced by these systems. Refer to the section 'Shortcoming of metering control systems' for more information.

  • Why do I need a local Metering Control system?

    That depends on your organization and your IT infrastructure. If operators, technicians and/or metering engineers are based at the local metering station, then you typically need a local metering control system. If most of the metering facilities are unmanned or lack metering expertise then a corporate system may be more appropriate.

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