Complete crude oil ticketing solution

LACT Control and Management

  • Central driver management
  • Lockout on high BS&W
  • Searchable ticket database

eXSite - Crude OIl Ticketing

Web-based control and management of remote LACT facilities

With our LACT Controllers crude gathering can be made secure and smart, by automation of driver authentication, sampling can selection, pump control and sampling control. Electronic run and meter overview reports can be emailed and advanced meter diagnostics are available for remote troubleshooting.

A corporate web server can be accessed to manage the list of truck drivers, to view and query the LACT tickets and to remotely assess the flow computer audit trail and the (Coriolis) meter diagnostics.


  • ‘Best-in-class’ Flow Computer
  • Touch Screen Operation
  • Automatic Driver Authorization
  • Automatic Sampling Can Selection
  • Sampling and Pump Control
  • Intelligent lock on high BS&W
  • Electronic Report Repository
  • Truck Driver Management
  • Email Subscription to Reports
  • Web Browser Interface


  • How is access to the LACT facility secured?

    A Flow-X flow computer is used to control the crude offloading. The truck driver has to log in with a Personal Identification Number (PIN), before offloading can be started.

  • What does LACT stand for?

    LACT stands for Lease Automated Custody Transfer. It is about the change of ownership of crude oil, that is transported from an oil well to a crude gathering facility.
    The term 'Lease' refers to the fact that the land owner, on which the well resides, leases the right to extract oil from the well to an oil company. This company then takes care of the actual production and transportation of the crude to a LACT facility.

  • What about the support of these systems?

    Spirit IT works closely together with its system integrating partners, who provide 24/7 support on the complete installations.

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