eXLent - eXLerate Enterprise Edition

Allows you to manage all your measurement data.

  • Corporate measurement data
  • Flow computer management
  • Portal to metering equipment

eXLent - Measurement Software

To acquire and manage measurement data on a corporate level

eXLent (eXLerate Enterprise edition), Spirit IT's new software platform, is based on our successful eXLerate product. Where eXlerate is made for the the control and supervision of individual  installations, eXLent targets the overall management of metering systems and measurement data on a corporate level.

eXLent uses a multi-tier (n-tier) architecture in which presentation, processing and data functions are logically separated. The n-tier architecture allows for flexible and reusable applications that can run on a single server computer and can also be distributed over multiple servers for reasons of load balancing, functional server separation and IT security.

The eXLent software is designed for redundancy on multiple levels, i.e. instance, server and location level and can run in a Virtual Machine environment. It provides transactional database, OPC and web connectivity to accommodate data exchange with other automation systems. 


  • Flow computer polling engine
  • On-line meter ticket validations
  • Automation of business processes
  • Equipment diagnostics data
  • Configuration management
  • N-tier web based architecture
  • Redundancy on multiple levels
  • Central audit trail and alarm log


  • Is eXLent COTS software?

    No, eXLent is no COTS (Commercial Off-the-Shelf) software.

    eXLerate is our software platform that originates from 2002 and is built specifically for the automation of oil & gas measurement systems. Our software development team based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, develops and maintains this platform. eXlerate contains all crucial core functions for systems, such as 100% server redundancy and mismeasurement management.

    Currently, our software development team is working on the next eXLerate software, which will become a state-of-the-art, scalable and web-based n-tier software platform for oil and gas measurement automation.

    Furthermore, we have 3 application engineering teams: in Eindhoven, Houston en Kuala Lumpur. These teams build tailor-made solutions with our eXlerate software and Flow-X flow computers. Our engineers are highly experienced and specialized in oil & gas measurement and involved in every phase of the project.

    We believe that our approach costs less than COTS software and fits your business more, because separation between product and application layer (both in software and resources) allows us to efficiently build high-quality tailor-made systems.

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