Calibration Control and Management

Complete automation solution for calibrations facilities

  • Used at Euroloop
  • Highest accuracy
  • Easy operation

Calibration Facilities

Control system for fully-automatic flow meter calibrations

The purpose of a calibration management system (CMS) is to control and report the calibration of flow meters based on one or more master meters.

Spirit IT delivers complete control systems consisting of a control cabinet and the management software. Flow-X hardware is used to interface to the master meters and the MUTs (Meter Under Test) and to take highly accurate measurements. A PLC system to control the blower, the pumps and the valves.

Automated execution of configurable calibration procedures is performed by our eXLerate software. Results are stored to a searchable database and a web interface is provided to witness meter calibrations.


  • Fully automatic control of meter calibrations
  • Flow-X for highly accurate measurements
  • Configurable calibration procedures
  • MUT (Meter Under Test) database
  • Searchable calibration results
  • Calibration certificate reports
  • Meter curves based on flow and Reynolds
  • HF, LF, analog, HART and comms


  • Is it for small or large installations?

    It is used for calibration test benches in which one flow meter is calibrated at the time. However, it is also used at Euroloop, which is one of the largest flow meter calibration facilities in the world.

  • What if I have special requirements?

    Spirit IT will do its utmost best for meeting your requirements.
    Both the Flow-X and eXlerate are highly flexible products with virtually unlimited flexibility. The diversification in our Power Packages and other solutions illustrate this.

  • Can I buy the complete control system from Spirit IT?

    Yes. A calibration control and management system is highly sophisticated and its design and fabrication require special knowledge and engineering skills. That is why Spirit IT takes overall responsibility for the complete control system.

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