The Power Package: A Smarter Solution Built Easier

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The Power Package: A Smarter Solution Built Easier

Spirit has obtained during past years significant experience in building various automation solutions with our own products. In order to minimize cost and maximize output, we decided to package our knowledge and experience into a real POWER PACKAGE.

A POWER PACKAGE is a pre-engineered automation solution based on the seamless integration of the Flow-X and eXLerate platforms, which address the typical functions of a particular application such as Flow Metering Control and Crude Gathering.

Each Power Package comes fully loaded with application-specific, rich functionality and delivers the highest performance and best quality – an optimal Value Proposition for our users.

Our packaged solutions are Cost-effective. No duplicate configuration work or project-specific custom programming experiments, hence testing time is reduced and the trouble-shooting of issues is made easier. Since they are already implemented, tested and delivered, a repeatable and proven solution is achieved.

Protect your investment. Spirit IT applies a continuous improvement program for all its products. We ensure full support and compatibility between our products and applications today and more importantly, in the future.

Low risk. Our packaged solutions have multiple users and suppliers; you are not dependent on a single engineering partner. Customers are clear on cost, schedules and deliverables, which reduces uncertainty in project execution.

Best in documentation, training and support. All Power Package components are 100% developed, tested and supported by Spirit IT. You are backed up by the Spirit IT development and technical support team.


Spirit IT currently provides Power Packages for:

Flow Metering

Fully Complete, Custody Transfer metering control systems with comprehensive functionality including true redundancy, comprehensive HMI, reporting, diagnostics and CBM (Condition Based Monitoring), VFC (Virtual Flow Computers), integrated instrument validation, flow computer report archive, and much more.

Crude Gathering

The exSite™ Product Suite is especially developed for LACT applications. It includes control, driver verification, electronic run tickets, HMI, meter diagnostics, proving and more. The exSite™ Product Suite includes an available corporate database server, with a web-based portal for centralized audit trail, diagnostics and ticket data repository.

Calibration Management

Complete solutions for calibration laboratories providing accurate meter pulse measurement, elaborate calculations, meter calibration, operational control, data management, certificate generation and data repository and compliant with ISO17025.

Additional Power Packages for other applications are currently under development.