Sunset during the first Spirit User Xperience 2013 in Istanbul

| Harry Kok | Corporate news
Sunset during the first Spirit User Xperience 2013 in Istanbul

This is how the sunset looked at Hotel Le Meridian, the location of our wonderful first Spirit User Xperience, with many international as well as local Turkish delegates, our international business partners and renowned speakers with excellent presentations and papers on the theme: Mis-Measurement Management, User Feedback and New Products.

The first ever Spirit-organized User Symposium was held in the fantastic and dynamic city of Istanbul, the wonderful metropole and historical city at both sides of the Bosporus, "where East meets West" in a nice late summer atmosphere.

In Istanbul, the sun rises in Asia and sets in Europe. The mixture of these cultures created the right environment for our international event with delegates from Malaysia, Indonesia, United States, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Abu Dhabi, Turkey, Oman, Belgium and The Netherlands.

A great place for exchange of new ideas, technical challenges and valuable feedback and also the location for quality networking between participants for several days. It was our first time, but certainly not our last!