SmartCen: Smart Centralized Metering Supervisory software

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SmartCen: Smart Centralized Metering Supervisory software

Spirit IT is Technology Partner to PETRONAS for the development, implementation, marketing, and commercialization of Custody Transfer and Allocation Metering solutions.

SmartCen™, an intelligent and centralized metering supervisory computer software platform is the first jointly developed and implemented product, to establish a standardized metering software platform throughout the PETRONAS organization.

SmartCen™ provides an intelligent and highly reliable solution which proactively optimizes Hydrocarbon Accounting Management.

The software addresses current metering-related issues such as unavailability of online real-time verification functionality and the unavailability of remote monitoring functionality. Smartcen™ furthermore actively prevents conditions for fiscal exposure.

By adopting Smartcen™ in PETRONAS operations, these fiscal exposures can be avoided through the real time verification of computation flow, enabling quick detection of abnormalities.

Long Term Partnership

The cooperation between PETRONAS and Spirit IT is among the first of its kind in the oil and gas industry for custody transfer and allocation metering automation. Besides the continued further development of the SmartCen™ software, the comprehensive agreement between the two companies includes a new maintenance strategy and appertaining services, as well as the international commercialization of the software technology, for which Spirit IT and PETRONAS share Intellectual Property rights.

Harry Kok, CEO at Spirit IT, said at the Signing Ceremony at PETRONAS on March 4, 2011, during his speech: "While our core software technology is already being used by a large number of end-users world-wide, this is the first time we are directly cooperating with an oil company, and we are excited to partner with PETRONAS for the years to come. Although Spirit IT started its business 10 years ago, there is a long and active history of its staff with PETRONAS in Malaysia dating back from the mid-1990’s.

PETRONAS is a high-end technology driven end-user with an excellent reputation worldwide, with which we are delighted to be able to further develop and enhance the software with latest technologies to ensure its continued high performance, usability, reliability, and maintainability. Together with our partner in Malaysia, Data Intelek, we managed to achieve this significant milestone.”