Manufacturing Flow Computer Hardware

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Manufacturing Flow Computer Hardware

Our hardware platform is designed using state-of-the-art development and design technologies, resulting in a superb quality flow computer hardware with low power consumption, low heat dissipation in a highly compact design.

The multi-layer PCB's, one for digital and one for analog processing are manufactured in the Netherlands utilizing the latest and fully automated production techniques yielding to the high quality products as may be expected for the vital function of a flow computer for the oil & gas industry.

We use fully automated functional In-Circuit Testing (ICT), where during the production of the boards on the modern assembly lines, all functionality of each board is fully tested, in addition to the automated visual inspections. All analog inputs of a Flow-X/M module are automatically calibrated as integral part of the production process to the full accuracy/low uncertainty to meet the high requirements of the products.

The complete assembly of the end-product, such as a Flow-X/M module, takes further place using an automated (industrial robot) system, avoiding human errors to a maximum level while ensuring competitive end-user product prices.

Quality Control

The quality control requirements, inherent with the product, are implemented using a combination of automated production, in-circuit testing, and extensive product tests, such as HALT (Heavily Accelerated Lifetime Tests), and a burn-in of all products.

Component logistics is organized such that each and every component, from a complete and assembled flow computer down to the smallest possible part as a single resistor, is fully traceable back to the manufacturer. This is possible because besides the design of the system, component management is organized using a highly automated production system, based on dedicated ERP oriented software systems.

We use in fact three interrelated information systems: Product Data Management, Tracking & Tracing, and a Purchasing & Logistics system. These three systems together cover the complete product lifecycle.

And last but not least: the production of our flow computer takes fully place under the ISO9001 (2008) and the ISO14001 Quality System.

Product Lifetime Management

Our products are actively controlled with long-term Obsolescence Control as integral part of the design and production targets, to ensure a long-term product lifetime cycle. Component and product updates are actively managed as additional capabilities and quality aspects of our complete product line.

Our software has a tight and sophisticated version management system in place, with which automated regression testing of our firmware and application software takes place in addition to ensuring of application compatibility.


Together with our Research, Design and Development team we are fully committed to our ‘Manufacturing Excellence’-strategy. We constantly invest in our production processes, our workforce, our supporting information systems, and our technology. It is our goal to obtain a high coverage of Design for Manufacturing (DfM) , Design for Test (DfT) and Design for Cost (DfC). This results in cost effective electronic and assembly labour cost and a continuous ambition for the highest level of automation. By doing this we are able to locally produce and assemble in the Netherlands at competitive pricing.

Lead-free Production

The RoHS legislation prohibits the use of certain materials in some types of electronics. Our component database is fully equipped to cope with this legislation. We have adapted our production process and started producing “lead-free” without losing the option of producing leaded. To cope with the lead-free and RoHS guidelines, we have upgraded our wave-soldering process to the newest technology available at this moment: selective soldering.

The process of selective soldering is capable of soldering every joint individually with its own process parameters. We ensure that the Flow-X series of products are produced “RoHS Compliant” at our production facility and we take full responsibility on this issue.