Flow-Xperience programme

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Below is the programme for the Flow-Xperience 2018. There are 4 separate trainings: Sales, Flow-X level 1, Flow-X level 2, and eXLerate.

Sales training will be 1 day on 6th of March. Flow-X level 1 and level 2 trainings will start on 7 March and will each take 2 days. eXLerate training will start 6th of March PM and end 9th of March AM. All technical trainees are invited to the sales training as well, which will focus on market development and product roadmaps. As is shown below, eXLerate trainees are able to follow the morning session.

On the evening of 7th March a pizza-session will be staged at our office. Apart from pizza, an office  tour and product demonstrations will be offered,  and our specialists will be available for technical questions and discussions.



Flow-Xperience programme
6 March7 March8 March9 March
AM   PM   AM   PM    AM   PM   AM   PM  
SalesMarket &
Flow-X level 1Level 1 training--
Flow-X level 2Level 2 training--
eXLerateMarketeXLerate training-