Flow-Xperience agenda

| Marcel Payens | Corporate news

Below is the programme for the Flow-Xperience 2019. It starts with 1 day of Industry Highlights, followed by 4 separate trainings: Flow-X level 1, Flow-X level 2, eXLerate and Sales.

Flow-X level 1 and level 2 trainings will start on 13 March and will each take 2 days. eXLerate training will start 13th of March and takes 3 days. Sales training will be 2 days starting 13th of March as well. 

On the evening of 13th March a pizza-session will be staged at our office. Apart from pizza, an office  tour and product demonstrations will be offered,  and our specialists will be available for technical questions and discussions.



Flow-Xperience overview
12 March13 March14 March15 March
GeneralIndustry Highlights---
Flow-X level 1-Level 1 training-
Flow-X level 2-Level 2 training-
Sales-Flow-X & eXLerate-
eXLerate-eXLerate training