Flow-X Web Connectivity: a great way to interface to a flow computer

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Flow-X Web Connectivity: a great way to interface to a flow computer

Each flow module and station module contain an embedded web-server, offering an additional level of user connectivity to the flow computer.

Operation becomes fun!

The front-panel operation of the Flow-X/P provides a next generation of flow computer operation.

Instead of an archaic and user-unfriendly push button user interface in one language we offer a two-fold interface based on the touch-screen interface, and a remote web connection over one of the two Ethernet interfaces. In any language you require.

The touch-screen interface operates as easily as and is as user-friendly as a modern PDA. Offering an intuitive interface does not need comprehensive documentation or training courses to get familiarized with the look-and-feel of the next-generation flow computer.

Web server in each Flow-X product

Where usually a web server is hard to find in existing flow computer models, all Flow-X models have a full functional webserver available offering you full operation at all levels of the flow computer. The web server contains identical functionality as the touch-screen interface of the panel mounted Flow-X/P.

The embedded webserver recognizes the screen size of a remotely connected user, and automatically adapts its user interface to optimize the displayed data. A full interface is available, including its security and access level management, as if the user operates the local touch-screen interface.


The local language of a Flow-X/P can be another language than the language of the remotely connected web-client.

This multi-lingual approach even for remote clients enables remote support for applications that were designed for the international markets.