Depot & Terminal Automation with eXLerate

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Depot & Terminal Automation with eXLerate

The process of Depot and Terminal Automation requires a high degree of integration of field equipment and software unfortunately not often found in available solutions.

Many manufacturers of tank gauging equipment offer specific software solutions only for tank inventory, but lack full functionality for flow metering equipment, batch controllers and control valves leaving vital functions of the automation process unresolved.

Other manufacturers partly solve your Depot and Terminal Automation requirements with a software solution that requires purchase of additional third party SCADA/HMI software or reporting software tools which introduces a collection of programs and accompanying expensive software licenses and configuration / system integration work.

eXLerate for Depot and Terminal Automation our software integration platform for small to medium size terminal systems uses a different approach because it allows you to integrate all of your metering and control equipment at your tank farm depot, including third party flow metering equipment, batch controllers, tank gauging devices, and PLC's into a single solution.

Our eXLerate solution offers a graphical User Interface, product based tank inventory, fiscal flow metering, valve control, fully automated product loading, and database support available in a tailor-made single solution totally independent of hardware suppliers.