Calibration Management Systems

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Calibration Management Systems

With the versatile and powerful software environment of eXLerate, a wide range of applications has been realized. Calibration Management software is such an environment in which test benches for calibration of gas or liquid meters can be easily managed and automated.

The main function of a Calibration management system (CMS) is to control and report the calibration of client gas or liquid meters, with the aid of one or more master meters.

Client meters usually have a variety of outputs including single or dual pulses, analog (4-20 mA or 1-5V) or serial (RS485 or RS232, Modbus or proprietary protocol). Sometimes a mixture of these signals is available at the meter and is to be calibrated.

Data acquisition of signals from meters, pressure transmitters and temperature transmitters can be obtained from Flow-X series of flow computers or third-party hardware.

Automated execution of calibrations are fully supported in our software with many tasks being carried out by the system automatically whenever this is feasible, practical and safe.

The eXLerate platform is successfully in use for such calibration management systems, offering a flexible environment in which many dedicated features can be implemented, thus, reating tailor-made solutions that work more efficiently.