About Spirit Innovative Technologies

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About Spirit Innovative Technologies

Spirit IT is a company located in the Netherlands at the Brainport® top technology zone.

The Eindhoven region of southeast Brabant has an internationally-recognised reputation for high-tech activities. Its leading role in the world of cutting-edge R&D has caused it to become known as ‘Brainport’: a hotspot within the Southeast Netherlands’ Top Technology Zone.

Brainport scores highly compared to other European regions in terms of its competitiveness, productivity, employment, R&D expenditure, innovation, and general education levels. It is ranked number one for R&D in the Netherlands, and accounts for the country’s high placing on the European Innovation Scoreboard (45% of private expenditure on R&D in the Netherlands occurs within Brainport).

The design and development of all software for our products is taken care of by our dedicated development team at Spirit IT.

The design and manufacture of the Flow-X series hardware takes place in a modern production facility in the direct vicinity of our office. The production takes place in full accordance with the ISO-9001 Quality System.

Spirit IT is fully committed to deliver high quality products and solutions based on state-of-the-art design and production methodologies, with a long-term strategy, with a dedicated and experienced workforce.

Our Research, Design and Development department is fully committed to our ‘Manufacturing & Design Excellence’-strategy. We constantly invest in our staff, production processes, supporting information systems, and our technology. Our software products have a high degree of innovation and utilize advanced technologies, enabling our customers to create superb solutions.

It is our goal to obtain a high coverage of Design for Manufacturing, Design for Test and Design for Cost. This results in cost effective electronic and assembly labour cost and a continuous ambition for the highest level of automation. By doing this we are able to locally produce and assemble in the Netherlands at competitive pricing.

We are there to offer our clients the kind of sales, engineering, production, support, and after-sales organization, as well as product quality warranties for all our products - as can be expected from a company with a high degree of assessment and dedication to deliver high quality products and appertaining services.

For more information, please contact us directly at To visit our office, find out [here] for directions to our office. You are more than welcome!