Intellectual Property

Use of intellectual property (IP)

All intellectual property rights with regard to all the material and information (including but not exclusively illustrations, videos, games, audio fragments and other media) which are visible on the website or accessible via the website, belong to Spirit IT, its affiliated companies, its suppliers and/or partners, or are legally licensed to Spirit IT.

The material and the information on the website may only be publicised, reproduced and or/processed for home use or private use, and only following written permission from Spirit IT. Reproduction of intellectual property without permission is a violation of article 31 of the Copyright Act. Making changes to the content of the site, without prior written permission from Spirit IT (in other words ‘hacking’) is explicitly forbidden.

When submitting photos, drawings, recipes and other information, you are agreeing to such items being used on the packaging of a Spirit IT product. You are also relinquishing to Spirit IT any claim to portrait right, intellectual property rights or otherwise, with regard to the items submitted by you or on behalf of you. The property of the items is transferred to Spirit IT as soon as we receive the items via the post, e-mail or any other legal manner. Spirit IT is not responsible or liable for any items (text, drawings, illustrations, photo’s or otherwise) submitted by (other) users of the website. The submitter declares that any photos submitted by him/her were personally made by or on behalf of of him/her. The submitter explicitly declares not to have downloaded the photo from Internet. If this is after all the case, Spirit IT retains the right to exclude the submitter from participation in this and following Spirit IT activities, and to claim liability for any damage consequently suffered by Spirit IT . Should you have any comments regarding items submitted by (other) users of the website, please communicate them to us via the contact details given below.

Contacting us

Should you have any questions or comments, please contact our consumer service department as follows:



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