Flow-Xperience 2017

Flow-Xperience 2017

It is with great pleasure that we announce our next Flow-Xperience 2017, our annual 4-day intensive sales and technical training event in Eindhoven from 6th untill the 9th of March 2017!

During this years edition there will be 4 trainings:

  • Sales training (with the High Accuracy Flow Measurement seminar) (6 & 7 March)
  • eXLerate technical training (7, 8 & 9 March)
  • Flow-X Level 1 technical training (8 & 9 March)
  • Flow-X Level 2 technical training (8 & 9 March)

On this page you can find the programs of the trainings.

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Sales training (6.3 - 7.3)

Target audience: Sales, management

Day 1Day 2

A practical sales training to understand Spirit IT’s portfolio and help identify opportunities for Spirit IT’s products

Flow-X Flow computers
  • Application field
  • Flow-X portfolio (Existing models, Flow-X/C, Flow-X/V, Version 2.0)
  • Advanced metering functionality
  • Flow computer Market
  • Key benefits
  • Pricing, ordering (ABB Colleagues only)
eXLerate Supervisory software
  • Application examples
eXLent Flow computer management software
  • Peek preview
High Accuracy Flow Management Seminar with speakers from target audience!

Speakers of High Accuracy Flow Management Seminar

Marc Schmidt, NMI Certin B.V.

It takes more than a good meter to make a good measurementIn the world of measurement we see that the focus is mostly on the meter. Although the meter plays a significant role in the complete measurement, we cannot simply ignore the rest of the measurement system. During the presentation I will go into more detail of what effects you can encounter when you look at the complete measurement system.

Sjoerd Diepen, Spirit IT

Monitoring system uncertainty in real-timeSystem uncertainties are usually very static and derived during design stage of the system only. Once in use, there are all kinds of contributing factors that influence the actual uncertainty. We present an implementation of real-time uncertainty feedback using the SmartCen™ Human Machine Interface which is jointly developed with Petronas.

Frank Frenzel, ABB Germany

High Accuracy Flow measurement with Coriolis FlowmetersWhen it comes to high accuracy flow measurement the Coriolis flow technology represents the most accurate, most common and easiest flow principle in the industry. In addition it gives you a window into the process that can give you many insights and additional intelligence. This presentation gives an overview as well as practical experience.

Han van Dal, Spirit IT

1, 2 and 3 phase flow computingAn overview of recent developments in high-accuracy flow computations for oil, gas and water mixtures.

Nunzio Bonavita, ABB Italy

Radioactive-free Solutions for High Accuracy Multiphase Flow MeteringIn the last years, ABB entered into the Multiphase Flow Metering arena with VIS, an innovative gamma-free multiphase flowmeter whose specific design and characteristics make it perfectly suited for high gas content (Wet-gas) streams.The talk will describe the underlying technology (Isokinetic Sampling), the peculiar design features and inherent advantages and the further developments which aim extending the coverage to other market segments.

Mon van Gijzel, ABB Belgium

NGC8200 micro-Gas chromatographWith its small footprint and high robustness, it has a superior precision and outperforms the industry standards. Any user can install, use and operate the system thanks to its super friendly software interface. This solution has the smallest footprint in the market and the installation can be done in only 3 simple steps.

Frans Doorman

The experience with accurate measurement by an end-userThis presentation will high-light the experience with accurate measurement of large volumes of natural gas from an end-user’s perspective. An introduction will be given to a “strong- and weak points” analysis of metering installations. And some examples will be given from things that went wrong nevertheless.


More speakers to be announced.

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eXLerate training (7.3 - 9.3)

Target audience: Project & service engineers

Training target: To be able to start working with eXLerate, build and adapt eXlerate applications, do maintenance

Day 1 (Level 1)Day 2 (Level 2)Day 3 (Level 2)
  • Features, solutions, expamples of eXLerate
eXLerate basics
  • Installation Requirements (Windows, Excel)
  • Installation
  • License model
  • Control Center, User accounts, Control center options
  • eXlerate modes
  • Version control
  • Protocols
  • Queries
  • xlConnect
Tag Database
  • Tag definitions (general, communication, alarming, trending, update)
  • Tag wizard
  • Template
  • New displays
  • Adding objects, animations
  • Buttons & Navigation
  • Alarm & Trend controls
  • Calculation wizard
  • Parameter editing on displays
  • Report and event triggering
  • Period management
  • Creating reports
Historical events
  • Internal database
  • Server Client
  • Redundancy - communication
User forms / VBA

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Flow-X level 1 training(8.3 - 9.3)

Target audience: Project & service engineers

Training target: Basic understanding of Flow-X series of flow computers; Operation of, installing and commissioning flow computers.

Day 1Day 2
Flow-X hardware
  • Flow-X types: Available types of hardware of Flow-X
  • Flow-Xpress: Explanation of the software
  • IP addressing: Setting up IP addresses of the Flow-X for first use
Master applications
  • Overview of the available master applications
  • Possibilities of the standard Flow-X applications
  • Gas application functionality
  • Liquid application functionality
  • Reading and writing applications to the Flow-X
Making connections
  • Connection diagrams of grounding analog- and digital signals
  • Overview of all types of digital and analog connections
  • How to connect analog- and digital devices
  • How to connect serial devices
  • How to calibrate analog- and HART signals
Configuration of the Flow-X
  • Station- and run functionality
  • How to use debug offline as virtual flow computer
  • How to log data for debugging
  • How to download the debug information from a Flow-X
  • How to update parameters
  • Different ways of connecting devices for communication
  • Add or change users
  • Version control
Liquid metric
  • Overview of different types of provers
  • How to use batches
  • How to recalculate a batch

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Flow-X level 2 training(8.3 - 9.3)

Target audience: Project & service engineers with Level 1 experience

Training target: Fully configure Flow-X flow computers based on standard applications for Liquid and Gas.

Day 1Day 2
  • Different standard master applications (Recap)
  • Flow-X types (Flow-X/S, /K, /C, /P, /R types)
  • Setup communication list
  • Available displays explanation
  • Page-, tag-, alarm-, log-, report- and historical data displays
  • Explanation of the different parameters
  • Standard- and custom reports
  • Adding and editing of users
  • Units & formats, available units
Application development
  • Available flow computer types
  • Development of a new gas- or liquid application
  • Creating of own custom displays
  • Adding of new units
  • Creating of new custom calculations
  • Adding new languages to an application
  • Adding a new report
  • Available provers and setup
  • Adding a sampler to an application
Flow-Xpress Professional mode
  • Switching between basic- and professional mode
  • Explanation of available sheets
  • Historical data archives
  • Setting up a redundant system
  • Possibilities using Debug online
  • Explanation of remote run / remote station
  • Building a new communication driver
  • Use of custom values

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