Measurement Automation Software

eXLerate is our software platform made for automation of oil and gas measurement

  • Over 1000 installations
  • Unique measurement features
  • Off-the-shelf applications

eXLerate - Software

Especially made for oil and gas measurement

eXLerate is made and used for the automation of oil and gas measurement systems, such as custody transfer metering stations, calibration facilities, crude gathering stations, FPSO's and tank depots.

It not only provides the typical HMI (Human Machine Interface) functions such as communication with metering equipment and control devices, a Graphical User Interface, alarming, trending and reporting, but it also includes additional functions crucial for custody transfer such as hot-standby redundancy, 64-bit communication and flow and hydrocarbon property calculations.

eXLerate has special features that allow the automation of human activities related to custody transfer measurement such as instrument validations, meter ticket validation, meter equipment analysis and system audits. And it provides advanced self-diagnostic capabilities that help the user to stay in control of measurement in real-time.


  • Field-proven and highly stable
  • All-in-one product
  • Used by the largest oil and gas companies
  • Flow-X calculation library
  • Embedded hot-standby redundancy
  • 64-bit communication for accuracy
  • Ready-to-use application templates
  • Embedded redundancy and data transparency
  • Validation and calibration procedures
  • Control Charts for meter factors / K factors.
  • Control Charts for analyzers and instrumentation.
  • Unlimited periodic measurement data
  • Real-time smart meter diagnostic
  • Recalculations on lab analysis and proving.
  • CUSUM statistical analysis
  • Central audit trail and event log


  • Does eXLerate provide web access?

    eXLerate uses two different technologies for web access:

    1. Remote Client-based access, which provides all functionality that is available at local clients.
    2. Access via read-only web pages, which can be published through a webserver (Microsoft's Internet Information Server is used as default).

  • Which additional software licenses are required?

    eXlerate 2010 requires the following additional software:

    - Microsoft Windows 7 or Server 2008;
    - Microsoft Excel 2010;
    - MySQL.

    Depending on whether RDP (Remote Desktop Services) are used and on the actual operating system, additional Microsoft RDP licenses may be required.

  • Which Windows and Office version are supported?

    eXLerate 2016 supports Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows 8.1, Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, Microsoft Windows Server 2012, and Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 (older versions of Microsoft Windows are no longer supported). Running eXLerate 2016 on Microsoft Windows Server 2016 is expected to work, but not fully tested yet.

  • Are older eXLerate versions still supported?

    Until now, three major versions have been released: eXlerate 2003, eXLerate 2010 and eXLerate 2016 (current version). Active development is performed on eXLerate 2016 only.
    Nevertheless, when an eXLerate user reports a critical bug in an older version, Spirit IT is and will remain committed to resolve the issue, typically by releasing a hot fix on the older version of the software, or by providing an alternative solution.

  • Which license models are available?

    eXLerate licenses are evergreen, which means that you purchase them once with no yearly license fees. Spirit IT provides updates free of charge.

    We offer three different license models:
    1. Standalone edition (single supervisory computer);
    2. Server editions (for client/server or redundant server setup);
    3. Client-only editions (communicates only with server edition; no direct communication with external devices).

    For all editions of eXLerate, there are Development Only, Development + Runtime, and Runtime Only licenses available.

    There are various license sizes, depending on the amount of I/O tags.

  • Which unique features are available in an eXLerate supervisory system?

    Besides communication with Flow computers, field equipment and DCS, eXLerate offers advanced features to identify and manage any possible mismeasurement.

    Once a possible mismeasurement is identified, a powerful recalculation method provides different options to recalculate over a period of time, using other available data sources. As all data remains available, recalculations can be made any moment. This ensures the most accurate and reliable measurement data stream over time.

    Furthermore, eXLerate provides detailed diagnostics for Ultrasonic and Coriolis flow meters and validation of metering data. Virtual flow computers, that provide a second opinion, can also be an integrated part of the supervisory system.

  • In which situations can eXLerate provide a solution?

    eXLerate is a versatile software platform, but fully dedicated to flow measurement. It provides a solution for the following applications:

    - Flow Metering Systems;
    - Virtual Flow Computing Systems;
    - LACT Control;
    - Pipeline Nework Management;
    - Terminal Automation;
    - Flow Calibration Facility Management.

    Within these various applications, eXLerate is also scalable, which makes it suitable for everything between small local and large corporate flow measurement control systems.

  • Which communication protocols are supported?

    In eXLerate, the following communication protocols are supported for communication with Flow computers, field devices, PLC and DCS systems:

    - Flow-X Plug-and-play driver with full real-time & historical data synchronization;
    - Universal serial modbus master and slave (RTU+ASCII) protocol;
    - Universal Ethernet modbus/TCP client and server protocol;
    - OPC client interface for connectivity to third party driver vendors;
    - UNIFORM protocol driver for Instromet ultrasonic meters;
    - Clock protocol, for updates via GPS or DCF clock module;
    - ASCII master protocol (read-only) with modem support;
    - Universal serial HART Master and Slave protocol driver;
    - SLIP+ Protocol driver for Contrec Batch Controllers.

    Additional communication protocols are available upon request.

  • What is a Virtual Printer?

    The Virtual Printer -or ‘Flow-Xprint’- software package operates under the eXLerate 2010 software platform. It is a package to replace a traditional custody transfer ticket/report printer in a measurement system. Flow-Xprint is an MID approved solution.

    Reports are “virtually” printed to files on the PC instead of paper, without modifications to the flow computer software, configuration or investment in a large IT infrastructure.

    Just like a hard paper copy, these reports cannot be electronically edited, changed or deleted for audit trail compliance. Any report that is re-printed, is noted as such on the report.

    The reports can be printed locally, sent to a network printer or transferred to any file transfer device, such as a USB stick or printing drive at another location. The file format is fully tamperproof; it is not possible to change archived tickets.

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