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Flow-X - Flow Computers

For the control room and the field. Certified for Class 1 Division 2 and ATEX/IECEx Zone 2

The Flow-X is the first flow computer to support GERG-2008, the most accurate and versatile equation of state for natural gas (read more).

The Flow-X/M module is the single stream building block for all Spirit flow computer products and enclosures with each module provides more than sufficient communication ports and IO for any oil and gas meter run 

Its configuration and operation is touch screen based where a single screen can be used to access multiple flow computers. Remote access is possible from any web client over a secure HTTPS connection.

The complimentary Flow-Xpress software allows for virtually unlimited customization of the comprehensive gas and liquid applications (available in metric and US customary units). 

The Flow-X provides advanced control functions for additional system savings: embedded flow, flow/pressure, valve and sampling control functions eliminate the need for a PLC or a sampler controller. 

The Flow-X integrates seamlessly with our measurement automation software eXLerate, creating a Power Package that enables smart metering solutions.

And there is Flow-Xplore, an out-of-the-box Human Machine Interface for metering stations with Flow-X flow computers.


  • Gas and Liquid
  • Touch-screen
  • Multilingual
  • Bi-directional
  • Personal user-accounts
  • Configurable Modbus and HART
  • GERG-2008
  • API MPMS 4.8 dynamic proving
  • Up to 30 (thirty!) proving runs
  • Complete set of approvals
  • HTTPS security
  • Large amount of IO per module
  • Web-based user interface
  • Web services automation interface
  • Advanced control functions
  • Extensive proving capability
  • High CPU speed and power
  • 0.002% AI accuracy at 20 ⁰C ambient
  • 0.008% AI accuracy 0 to 60 ⁰C ambient
  • Embedded communication analyzer
  • Advanced troubleshooting capability
  • Easy spare part management


  • When should I use which enclosure option?

    Flow-X series of flow computers provide the following enclosure options:

    The Flow-X/S is a cost-effective single stream enclosure with on-board terminal blocks.
    The Flow-X/P is a multistream panel-mounted flow computer with an integral touchscreen and D-sub connectors.
    The Flow-X/R is rack mountable enclosure for up to 8 modules using D-sub connectors to interface to the field signals.

    The operation of the Flow-X/S and Flow-X/R can be achieved by additional touch panels.

  • Does it provide multi-stream capability?

    Our Flow-X flow computers have the following stream capability:

    The Flow-X/P is a multi-stream flow computer for up to 4 streams (meter runs).
    The Flow-X/S and Flow-X/R are enclosures for single stream flow computers that can operate in a remote station setup, in which one of the flow computers provides station functionality for up to 8 meter runs (streams) in total.

    All meter runs can be bi-directional; full measurement data (totals and averages) are maintained for both directions.

  • Which calculations are supported?

    The following calculations are supported:

    • AGA3, AGA5, AGA7, AGA8, AGA9, AGA10 and AGA11;
    • AGA NX19 and SGERG;
    • API 11.1. 1952, 1980, 2004 tables metric and US versions;
    • API 11.2, 12.2, 21.1, 21.2;
    • GERG-2008;
    • GPA 2172, TP15, TP16, TP25, TP27;
    • ISO 5167 (all editions) and ISO 6976 (all editions);
    • IAPWS-IF97 Steam and Water ;
    • Butadiene ASTM D1550;
    • Propylene API-;
    • Ethylene NIST-1045, IUPAC and API-2565;
    • Carbon Dioxide NIST;
    .. and more

  • What product certifications does Flow-X have?

    Flow-X has the following product certifications:

    • CE marking;
    • MID Module B;
    • EN 12405-1;
    • OIML R117-1;
    • WELMEC 7.2;
    • EN 61326;
    • EN 55011;
    • CSA C22.2 61010-1;
    • UL 61010-1.

    Moreover, the Flow-X has MID (Measuring Instruments Directive) approval for liquid, gas and SOFTWARE, ensuring compliance with most stringent metrological and security requirements

  • How is quality assured?

    Our company has the following quality assurance certificates:

    • ISO-9001;
    • MID Module D.

  • What is the accuracy of the Flow-X?

    Flow-X offers unrivalled accuracy of the analog inputs with an uncertainty of ±0.008% FS or better over the full electronics ambient temperature range of 0-60⁰C, and ±0.002% at 21⁰C

  • What level of security does Flow-X offer?

    Flow-X offers personalized user accounts instead of generic user names. Changes can be traced back to any particular user. Pre-defined access levels can be configured for each user.
    Moreover, log files keep track of all user activities.
    Furthermore, user access can be restricted by a mechanical security switch, which disables all access to functions and controls relevant to measurement.

  • How much I/O is available?

    The core element of all available models is the Flow-X module: Flow-X/M. This single stream flow module contains all I/O to support a full single metering stream, for both gas and liquid applications.

    6x AI, on which 4 HART (multidrop) interface
    2x 4-wire PRT inputs
    1x dual pulse input
    4x high accuracy periodic time inputs
    16x digital inputs/outputs, configurable
    1x prover bus output / pulse outputs
    4x analog 4-20mA outputs
    2x user-configurable RS232/RS485 interfaces
    2x independent and versatile TCP/IP RJ45

  • How can I configure Flow-X?

    The Flow-X configuration software Flow-Xpress is supplied for free with each flow computer or after a Flow-X training course.

    Flow-X offers three distinct levels of configuration:

    1. Directly from the touchscreen of the flow computer itself, where the exact level of configurability is determined by login credentials.
    2. From a (secured) web interface, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, via one of the two available Ethernet interfaces.
    3. From the Flow-Xpress™ configuration software, where more complicated tasks and settings can be configured, such as adding a new meter type, adding a Modbus connection, defining a user-defined report, adding a language etc.
    The latest version of Flow-Xpress is available in the download area, after login. Once a licence file is sent to techsupport@spiritit.com, an authorization key to unlock the software will be forwarded.

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