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Tank Inventory

Tank inventory management in eXLerate offers the end-user a complete graphical overview of a tank farm, fully integrated in the Depot and Terminal Automation solution.


The real-time data communication module of eXLerate allows for direct serial or Ethernet connection to PLC’s and tank gauge interface equipment from various manufacturers, utilizing the vendor specific communication protocol, or through general protocols such as Modbus serial, Modbus/TCP and OPC client.

Tank actual measured volume is corrected for the tank type and liquid product according to API-2540 or TP-25 (LPG), and various other calculation methods.

Optionally, user defined strapping tables can be used as well as using a simple spreadsheet interface. Tank types which are currently supported are dome, conical, covered floating roof and spherical.


Graphical Tank Displays

Many graphical and table-oriented display pages can be made available to the user, for example:

  • Tank farm overview
    This type of display page shows an overview of the entire tank farm with the most important parameters displayed.

  • Tank Group display
    This type of display is used to subdivide the tanks in a tank farm into logical groups of tanks, for example per liquid type.

  • Tank Details
    This type of display shows all measured and calculated parameters for a selected tank.

  • Tank maintenance pages
    These pages are available to allow the operator to change settings for a tank.

Display functionality can be created by the System Integrator to tailor the application to the needs of the end-user using the ready-to-use components and display elements from a rich library of tank displays, so the display of excessive data can be minimized to optimize the look-and-feel and day-to-day operation for the operator of the system.