User & Integrator benefits

Both the end-user  and the system integrator benefit from the complete approach in our Depot & Terminal Automation solution.


End-user Benefits

With our eXLerate solution for Depot & Terminal Automationtatank2, a high degree of tailored functionality and full integration is facilitated in a single and unique product, with the following benefits for the end-user:

  • Single interface to the entire facility
    Operators are no longer required to work on different type of systems, they have full control from one and the same operator interface.

  • Automatic load order processing
    Owing to its Microsoft Office environment and MySQL database environment, eXLerate will smoothly integrate with any administrative host systems (e.g. SAP/R3) to process incoming and outgoing transaction orders.

  • Supervision of all your equipment
    You monitor and control all your metering and control equipment from one and the same system.

  • True independency from hardware vendors
    Spirit IT is a software company independent from any hardware supplier. eXLerate interfaces to virtually any device, so you are no longer bond to particular brands.

  • Optimized operator interface
    Operators are no longer annoyed with non-relevant entry fields and information.

  • Compliance with international standards
    Built-in volume correction methods (API, ISO, ASTM, IP, etc.) allow you to operate according to international standards.

  • Complete documentation
    eXLerate does not only generate all documents that are required for load order processing, but can also generate all the documentation that is required by the local Weights and Measures authority.

  • Intelligent measurement data
    Potential measurement problems can be automatically detected when they appear. Measurement disputes can be cleared much more easily. Product give-away can be minimized.

System integrator Benefits

A high degree of tailored functionality and full integration is facilitated in a single and unique product wiClass 1th the following benefits for the System Integrator:

  • Open, functional and flexible
    You have full control of the software configuration. Powerful built-in features and comprehensive sample applications get you quickly up and running at full speed. It can be tailored to all the specific needs of your customers.

  • Single software license
    No separate software products for HMI/SCADA, communication drivers, report generation, flow metering functions, etc. are required.

  • Single tag database
    It is no longer required to maintain data points in additional software packages like a HMI, a reporting tool, a communications driver, and a script & logic processor etc., which tremendously shortens the engineering effort and, just as important, the integration and testing phases in a project.

  • Configuration directly in Excel
    Exporting and importing configurations to and from Excel is no longer required. Excel is the environment from which you operate.

  • Embedded communication drivers
    Our embedded communication drivers with integrated protocol analyzers ensure smooth data communications and help out during trouble shooting.

  • Reporting power
    Report generation and storage directly from the more than rich Office / Excel environment.

  • Calculating power
    Standard liquid and gas calculations in accordance with international standards such as API/AGA/ISO, as well as customer-specific calculations can be directly entered on an Excel spreadsheet.

  • Programming power
    Visual Basic for Applications used for customer-specific logic with a rich library of special built-in functions in our product.

  • Database support & ERP connectivity
    Built-in MySQL based relational database management system adds ERP (SAP/R3) connected functionality for client based order processing and truck loading.


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