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Features of a CMS

Calibration management system implementation depends highly on metrology requirements and is certainly not a standard solution.


eXLerate is a versatile, stable and powerful software platform with which advanced calibration management systems are realized. 


Calibration Management Functions

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Typical tasks for a Calibration Management System include but are not limited to:

  • Provide graphical-oriented operator screens displaying essential calibration related information from the measurement equipment.

  • Communicate with data acquisition hardware (flow computers, PLC etc)

  • Control calibration procedures.

  • Generate and manage calibration reports.

  • Manage calibration data of connected master meters, and reference pressure and temperature transmitters.

  • Provide an interface from the database with which an external can communicate to create an advanced database client/instrument database.

  • Interact with a web server computer which creates its data from the relational database to inform witnesses during a calibration session about the progress and results.Provide a secure environment by protecting the Supervisory Computer from unauthorized access.

  • Provide real-time and historical trending for all major signals in the system.

  • Manage alarm messages.

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