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Basic eXLerate Training Course

Get Adobe ReaderThe Basic eXLerate Training Course is a hands-on training for software engineers who would like to learn how to develop applications using the eXLerate software platform. 

Throughout the course you will learn how to develop fully functional eXLerate applications, including aspects like HMI, reporting and calculations. The course is lectured by our experienced staff and has a hands-on approach, making the course highly interactive.  



We expect that all participants do have at least knowledge of:

  • Microsoft Excel (preferrable Excel 2003)
  • Experience with SCADA software packages (Citect, InTouch, WinCC, etc.)
  • some level of knowledge of metering for the oil and gas industry

Please bring your laptop with Microsoft Excel 2003 or Microsoft Excel 2007 preinstalled, with latest service packs installed.



The course has a duration of three days, with an option of a possible fourth day.



After completing the course, you will be able to develop your own eXLerate application.



Throughout the course, the following topics will be covered:

 Day  Activity

 Day 1


  • Welcome
  • Installation of eXLerate platform software
  • Technical training:
    • the Basics
 Day 2
  • Technical Training:
    • Communication (with your flow computer or PLC) 
    • Developing an application
    • Visual Basic Programming
 Day 3
  • Technical Training:
    • Alarming
    • Reporting & Periods
    • Trending
    • Flow Calculations

 Day 4


  •  Technical Training:
    • Working on your own application



After completing this eXLerate Training Course succesfully, the participant will be awarded a certificate, stating the participant is a certified eXLerate application developer.


Follow-up Courses

After completing the Basic Course, a participant can sign up for:

  • the Advanced eXLerate Training Course


Pricing & Contact

For more information on this course and for information on pricing, please contact our office. Click [here] to download the flyer on the training course.